Fully qualified teacher for English needs

Guaranteed peace of mind

Exam board approved exam marker

Building Confidence. Getting Results.

The Home Tutor Edinburgh is Edinburgh’s only comprehensive private English tuition service. Designed to enable clients realise and achieve their potential in English, The Home Tutor Edinburgh offers a complete range of services including:

Private School English Entrance exams

 National 4 and National 5

Higher and Advanced Higher

GCSE, IGCSE, IB, AS and A-level

While there are many private English tutors, The Home Tutor Edinburgh is exclusively an English teacher, fully insured and an approved SQA marker.

Highly experienced tutor based in Edinburgh

  • Fully qualified English teacher for English needs
  • SQA approved exam marker
  • Guaranteed peace of mind

Personalised Tutoring

Sean believes that tutoring should not just supplement what clients are already doing within the subject, but also critically improve their confidence and skills. Because Sean is also a teacher, he understands the curriculum, the materials and most critically, good teaching practice; making sense of it for both pupil and parent.

Sean provides tutoring sessions of an hour in duration, offering initial assessments and a comprehensive program to assist with improving basic English literature and language skills, creative and critical essay writing, exam preparation, folio advice and how to revise. Sean provides all necessary materials that replicate exam board assessments and provide detailed, personalised feedback at the end of each session for parents and pupils, which can be access through My Account area.


Sean really made the difference that I needed to pass my English at National 5. He really made sense of what the exam was asking me to do and how I needed to approach the answers. I felt much more confident and I would not have got my pass without him. Thank you!

Alice (Student)

I heard about Sean from a friend in his class and knew he was an excellent teacher. Sean really made things clearer to me. I really struggled with the RUAE and Sean helped tutor me in a very simple formula for each question. I also finally learned how to revise! Revising is something I always struggled with but Sean showed me what I needed to be doing. I would recommend Sean to anyone studying at Higher or National 5.

Iain (Student)

Sean is an engaging, patient and diligent tutor who builds strong, respectful relationships with his pupils to help them maximise their potential. I would highly recommend him.

Pauline (Parent)