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Why use a tutor?

A good tutor will not just supplement what your child learns in the formal educational setting of a school, they will help to develop and increase your child’s knowledge and enjoyment of the subject, fully unlocking their potential.

The Home Tutor Edinburgh works with a range of ages and abilities across Edinburgh and beyond, providing services for clients who are sitting entrance exams, national examinations or simply needing some additional help.

In an ideal world, any school environment should provide the necessary level of support and personalised development for the individual child. However, the reality of the current classroom setting is far from this: with class sizes averaging 28-30, increasing number of split classes (your child will often have three different teachers for one subject in a single week), increased numbers of senior and presentation classes meaning teachers have less time to devote to classes, the marked increase in pupils with additional support needs within a single class, coupled with the reduction of classroom support members. For any child sitting National exams, the limited time spent looking at each of the required topic areas can be very stressful and simply not enough, especially if a single lesson was missed due to illness or simply your child did not understand something explained . All of this means that your child is not receiving the maximum support within the classroom setting and therefore not achieving anything near their potential. This is where the Home Tutor Edinburgh can provide a complete and personalised service, specifically tailored around your child and their individual needs. Clients will often remark how they have benefitted more from one single session with The Home Tutor Edinburgh, than in a week within the class.

We understand that your child’s entrance exam to their preferred school is critical, that is why The Home Tutor Edinburgh works with them, providing detailed resources and mock exam papers to ensure they are best prepared for the range of topics within any private school exam paper.

How is The Home Tutor Edinburgh different from other tutors?

Trust that your child’s learning is in the safe hands of someone who knows what they are doing is central. Previous clients have remarked upon the absolute levels of trust they have in my service, that is why I am a current classroom teacher and exam board marker.  Parents, and more importantly, your child know that they can trust the service they are getting is the best for them.

Quickly getting to know my clients, their strengths and areas to develop are central to what makes The Home Tutor Edinburgh different from other tutors. I understand that no two individuals will learn in the same way, therefore I spend time ensuring that your child learns in a way that is most productive and enjoyable for them. Unlike other tutors, I often work with clients throughout the year to provide a complete service and not one limited to the frantic few weeks leading up to an exam. In addition, I provide a professional level of service that provides comprehensive written feedback following each session, along with clear next steps for future sessions and personalised detailed resources for all aspects of your child’s study.

What’s included?

Whether it is a one-off session or a year-long commitment, The Home Tutor Edinburgh provides the most up-to-date and accurate resources, tailored to your child’s needs. Whilst it is critical that the individual client clearly understands their strengths, weaknesses, clear objectives, next steps, homework for the next session etc. it is of paramount importance that parents are equally aware. Many of the National English courses, particularly the new Nationals and Highers can be full of jargon and difficult to understand for both parents and individual clients, The Home Tutor Edinburgh starts by making sure any course studied is completely understood by both parents and clients alike. The Home Tutor Edinburgh provides detailed written feedback following each session through the personalised My Account area for parents and clients to access at their leisure.

How many sessions will I need?

This entirely depends on the individual needs. Many of our clients require one session per week, throughout the academic year. Others will range between twice a week and twice a month. Obviously, in the lead-in to exams and folios, some clients wish to increase the volume of sessions, but we would only recommend this provided the client essentially required extra sessions and could cope, given their other academic and non-academic demands.

Where do sessions take place?

After an initial consultation, the majority of sessions take place online, via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.  The importance of a comfortable setting is vital to the client’s learning environment, therefore we can work wherever the client feels most comfortable.

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