Building Confidence. Getting Results.

Sean Campbell

Hi, I’m Sean. Having studied English through the GCSE and A level system, I was extremely fortunate to combine my love of learning and travelling when I read English and History at the University of Ulster, The University of Georgetown in America and The University of Edinburgh. I immediately loved Edinburgh and following my Post Graduate, I began teaching full time. I teach in Edinburgh’s leading secondary state school and I have really enjoyed helping my pupils gain some of the highest pass rates in the city.

Last year 90% of my Higher class gained an A, with 98% gaining a C or higher. In my Advanced Higher class, 90% of my class gained a C or Higher with over 50% awarded an A.

I was extremely fortunate when I was in school; having an inspirational English teacher, I knew my career choice was simple. Because of my own positive learning experience, I have been an English teacher for over 10 years and pride myself in helping students enjoy and achieve their potential within the subject. Working within the classroom environment and being able to see individuals progress, develop and succeed within the subject is extremely rewarding.

Today’s reality of overcrowded classes and time pressures means that too often individuals are not getting the attention they require in order to build on their potential. With this in mind, I decided to offer a tutoring service, not just for pupils sitting exams but for pupils of all ages who feel that they need that little bit more support.