Building Confidence. Getting Results.

At The Home Tutor Edinburgh, Sean offers a range of services targeted to help you enjoy developing and reaching your potential with English. Sean’s services are tailored around your needs and are personalised to suit how you learn best.

The Home Tutor Edinburgh
  • Entrance school exam preparation
  • Particular expertise in National 4, National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher
  • GCSE, A-Level and AS Level
  • Help with improving basic grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Dealing with Dyslexia and other barriers to learning
  • Personalised assessment of individuals
  • Folio writing
  • Scottish Set Texts
  • Critical essays
  • RUAE/Close Reading
  • Techniques on how to revise
  • Access to SQA approved materials

How The Home Tutor Edinburgh does it

An English teacher working with you / your child for just one hour per week is more beneficial than one week in a crowded classroom environment. Sean’s clients enjoy the routine nature of weekly sessions and my consistent and structured approach.

As an English teacher, Sean knows building a sense of rapport is essential; priding on establishing a comfortable environment whereby the individual is confident and feels fully supported. As an exam board marker, Sean also knows what the exams require. Sean begins the initial session by assessing how to best help individuals, establishing a clear framework of an individual’s strengths and specific needs, then outlining exactly how to help and what this will look like.

Following each session, Sean provides detailed and meaningful feedback to both parents and pupils.


My son was having real difficulty with his Higher English. He lacked confidence and really struggled to understand the course. His prelim was a disaster, he failed it completely. Sean started with my son a week after the prelim and immediately gave him confidence. Four months later, my son passed Higher with a B, all thanks to Sean.

Alan (Parent)

My teacher wanted me drop National 5 English as he said I wasn’t good enough to pass. I heard from a friend that sean was tutoring students. Immediately he gave me confidence and helped me understand the course as I really struggled especially with the RUAE. Sean made it all so simple and I ended up passing with an A!!!! He was amazing. I wish I had him for Higher.

Hannah (Student)

I heard about Sean from a friend in his class and knew he was an excellent teacher. Sean really made things clearer to me. I really struggled with the RUAE and Sean helped tutor me in a very simple formula for each question. I also finally learned how to revise! Revising is something I always struggled with but Sean showed me what I needed to be doing. I would recommend Sean to anyone studying at Higher or National 5.

Iain (Student)